Health benefits from Munster cheese

Initially Muenster (also known as Munster) cheese was made only in France but now it is also made in many other countries. It was named after a small town in France called Munster and it was made by the French Abbots or Monks since the Middle Ages. The best Muenster cheese is made from the milk of cows that graze during the summer months. Originally, it was made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is a soft, creamy cheese. The flavor of this cheese varies from light to strong depending on the age of cheese. A cheese with long age has a stronger taste.

Muenster cheese has many health benefits:

  • Muenster cheese is excellent to include with your breakfast. A good portion of Muenster cheese contains 103 calories.
  • Muenster cheese also is rich in proteins, which are necessary for building strong bones and muscles.
  • Calcium is another nutrient found in Muenster cheese. Calcium strengthens the nerves, bones, teeth, and muscles in the human body.
  • All dairy products are a rich source of nutrients. Muenster cheese also has vitamin B-12 that is very beneficial for cardiovascular health.
  • Muenster cheese also has an appropriate amount of sodium potassium, dietary fibers, sugars, and mono-saturated fat that essential for good health.

It is recommended that people include Muenster cheese in their breakfasts or lunches because of the nutrients it provides.




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