Health Benefits of Spices and Herbs

Spices and herbs are mostly famous and popular for their flavor and taste enhancing properties to improve the palatability of the food but these kitchen spices have various health benefits too. These spices not only make your meals look prettier but they have tremendous positive healthy effects.

Sage herb (Salvia officinalis) is used in treatment of sore throat. Also this herb helps to improve mental performance, cognition, mood, memory and alertness in adults. It also enhances learning and thinking ability in older adults with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. Few studies suggest that essential oil from sage has some anti-microbial properties.

The active compound in oregano is rosmarinic acid which is a powerful antioxidant that protects our body from the harmful effects of free radicals and prevents the onset of infections and certain diseases. It also has antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that protects against various infections. In addition to this oregano also contains vitamin K, manganese, iron, fiber and omega 3 fatty acid.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is another herb that enhances cognition, memory and concentration. Rosemary leaves improves digestion and reduces dyspepsia. Rosemary oil when applied to the skin relieves muscle pain or spasms by improving the circulation. It is also a rich source of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds.

Cinnamon is another great spice which has shown to improve blood glucose levels in diabetics. It has shown to reduce insulin resistance and improves the insulin sensitivity thus, it enhances the peripheral glucose uptake.



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