Maintain body fat by daily food

The first step in a diet is following the the food taken. The quantity of food taken has to be sufficient for the day to day life. Thirst is mistaken as hunger by many people. So that may result in unwanted calories. If the plain water is not necessary then some syrups or juice can be taken. Even health drinks are advisable. Flavor infused teas, which have very low or no calories can also be taken instead of water.

A diet is eating a balanced food and should contain essential nutrient in it. So think about adding a food to the chart other than removing a food from it. The chart can contain fruits and vegetables which have proved to fight against many diseases. Vegetables have to be taken as a main meal instead of having it as a side meal. Eat only when feeling hungry. Because when a full tank is refueled it over flows and cannot be contained. So food is like fuel and the stomach is like a tank and can only take what it can.

It is a wise choice to select a very light dinner. Because a heavy dinner before sleep can result in the creation of unwanted energy and stored as fat in the body. The dinner can be a low calorie or zero calories eaten in the night. Choosing to diet is not avoiding a favorite food. When a favorite food is avoided it rebounds in over eating the food. In case of partying take the party to an outdoor where it takes lots of calories to reach there or organize the party. Because this leads to burning lots of calories than initially planned. So when eating more food it does not affect the balance.


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