The “Better Choices Concept” to Dieting

The premise of this concept is actually pretty simple. It states that if there is a snack you love, there are several other options that are just as delicious and nutritious but with much fewer calories. In the exact words: “For every food that you eat, there are likely to be other equally nutritious foods that will satisfy your hunger with fewer calories.” It is important to keep in mind though that when it comes to losing weight, the best way to achieve it is eating less and exercising more. There is really no way around this.

But it is not about starving to death but rather having a balanced diet where you get the correct amount of nutrients your body needs without the unnecessary load of carbohydrates.  As a matter of fact, probably the hardest part of dieting is precisely eating less.  Especially when you go to the store and have this myriad of goodies stacked for you to grab and take them home.

You are presented with a limited amount of foods that you can eat. This does not necessarily have to be this way.  The Better Choices Concept provides an examination of your current diet in order to provide you with better alternatives.  


  • It can be used with other diets as it does not represent any reduction in food.
  • It does not ban any food; it merely provides a healthier alternative and cutting excess calories at the same time.
  • It does not require any special investment in foods or nutritional supplements.
  • This diet is not only for weight-loss purposes but it controls your weight by keeping your hunger in check.

The Better Choices Concept has a rather accurate way of measuring your current calorie intake and provides a healthier alternative. The program is not recommended for a person with eating disorders or medical conditions.  This is a self-assessed program and it is better suited for those who are moderately overweight and fairly self-disciplined. 



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