A&W Restaurants – Americans Still Love Frosty Mugs

When it comes to visiting famous restaurants in USA, Americans still love visiting “frosty mugs” i.e. A&W Restaurants, Inc. It is a chain of restaurants and fast-food. It first franchises in California in the year of 1923. The company soon became famous throughout in America for its unforgettable frosty mugs where the mugs used to be kept inside the freezer especially before being filled with famous root beer, and of course to be served to the clients. 
Why It Is Famous?
However, there are endless options available to select form when it comes to visiting top restaurants in USA, but still A&W Restaurants is considered as the best option to go with. Do you know why? Let’s find out reasons below. 
•    It is considered among the largest fast-food and restaurants chain in USA. 
•    It offers exclusive products to cater the dining needs of people in USA. 
•    However, it started from the California, but you can find out branches of this big company throughout the America and world. 
•    They offer excellent customer service. 
•    Do you need high-quality of foods? If yes, then you must keep visiting this exclusive restaurant. 
New Products 
In the starting of 2013, the renowned A&W introduced a plethora of dishes. Some of the most popular offerings of this U.S. based restaurant are Mini Polar Swirls, vine and dessert treat. They have also expanded their chicken category so that people in USA can enjoy great meals when visit their favorite restaurant. 
In concise, it can be concluded that Americans will keep visiting the frosty



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