Boiled Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the nutritious sources of proteins and doctors advice their patients to take peanut butter instead of regular butter. One of the popular American snacks, Boiled Peanuts are more popular in the places where peanuts are in plenty. In South Carolina, it is violet when boiled. Valencia type is considered to be the best for this kind of preparation because of its palatable flavor. These are the preferred ones in USA, but Virginia type is also used. It is believed that Almeda Lambert was the one who invented this recipe in 1899 and spread throughout the country. It became so popular that boiled peanuts are the representatives of southern culture and cuisine. So one of the common recipes for boiled peanuts is :-

Take a large stockpot and put the peanuts and salt in it. Fill it with water till it completely covers it. Let it simmer for at least one hour and maximum till three hours after it boils. Just like we press one grain to check whether the rice is cooked or not, take one or two peanuts and crack them open. If they are soft, then it is ready to be eaten but if it is crunchy, then cook it once again. If the salt quotient is less, then leave it in salted water for few minutes and when they are salted according to your taste, serve them hot. Enjoy this typical southern snack with your friends and dear ones have a good time!!




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