Food you eat in a wrong way

When you eat something you must make the best of it, because you will probably enjoy it more and will also use the best parts and ingredients of anything you eat. 
People usually don’t think in that way, which is wrong. Maybe you didn’t know, but there are some stuff you consume in a completely wrong way.

For example tomato we mostly eat as a salad, which is ok, since you are eating something fresh, and we all know how fresh is good, but there is another way. You can also grill it, and if we choose that way, we will be able to use the all those useful chemicals from tomato.

Also what is really healthy is tomato sauce, some people think that it is even a better option for us.

When it comes to different vegetables, if you want to prevent cancer or you simply want to stay as healthy as you can, eat them fresh. Not cooked or fried, because if you do it an enzyme that is used to prevent cancer will be destroyed, and that happens when vegetables pass through the thermal treatment.
If you really want to cook it, than steam it, it is maybe the best solution, besides eating fresh vegetables.

If you are a fan of red wine, you should probably know this. When people want to drink it, before they start doing it, they leave it for one hour after opening. Don’t do it. Maybe your wine will taste better but it is not recommendable for your health.

So that means, as soon as you open the bottle, drink it, don’t wait for too long.


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