Heinz introduces new jalapeno mustard

For generations, Heinz has been the face of many sauces including most notably ketchup. Heinz has continued this mass exposure and presence even further, this time on the side of innovation.

Heinz now introduces its newest sauce option - jalapeno mustard. Not only is this a unique sauce from Heinz, but an incredibly interesting continuation of the move into the mustard business for the company.

If you are watching business practices, you will see businesses compete for the same customers, maneuver to gain a greater market share, merge, and divide subsidiaries. What is happening with Heinz is typical. Over the past year, the ketchup supergiant infringe on the territory of mustard, a domain typically held by French’s.

This sauce-based business war is a prime result stemming directly from Heinz’s over 400 million dollar move into the mustard side of the production, expanding its product pool immensely and attempting to be the top dog for mustard and ketchup. With a progressive move of the company to strictly include all natural ingredients, Heinz looked poised to do exactly that, and become the majority power of both major sauces. This new type of mustard, jalapeno mustard, is the newest recipe from Heinz. While it doesn’t seem like of great importance at first glance, it will certainly result in huge profits to be fought over in the near future.


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