Unusual food

We all love our mother's, grandmother's kitchen and some of us fast food,etc.
Now we will name you some examples of really unusual ( but in some countries really popular ) food and who knows, maybe you will try it some day. Just to add that we will be writing about insects, so if you don't like them or you are scared of them, do not continue with reading this.

Locusts - These insects are quite healthy. They have a lof of proteins, so if you are hungry, and you find them, just to know you will not be hungry anymore, cause they are great replacement for the meat.
Locusts that provide the greatest amount of protein, are called chapulines, from Mexico, where the protein can be high even up to 77.13%.

Caterpillars - Most edible insects have an equal or larger amount of iron of beef, which has an iron content of 6 mg per 100 g of beef, but the species of caterpillars called Imbrasia belina contains an iron content of up to 31 to 77 mg per 100 g of caterpillars.

This type of caterpillars is the cheapest one and the most popular among them ( if we are talking about eating ) and you can find them mostly in South Africa. They can be of great help if someone is missing an iron in their body.

Problems with iron is really common today, especially with pregnant women, who lose a lot of it while they are pregnant, so a lot of countries are interested in breeding caterpillars, but before doing that, some tests for diseases and bacterias need to be done.



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