How to Make Cheese Omelets

There are few things which are as delicious as cheese omelets. This is perfect breakfast food and can fill you up ahead of a long hard day at work. To make this is very easy and you need to take the following steps to do so.

Break Eggs and Whisk Well
The first thing which you need to do is break a few eggs, about two or three of these into a bowl and whisk the mixture very thoroughly. Care should be taken to ensure that the eggs haven’t been taken right out of the refrigerator. These should have been allowed to de-frost for some time.

Add Sliced Cheese and Salt to the Egg mixture
The second important step to take would be to slice three or four cubes of cheese into very small parts. Now you can always use grated cheese as well as but this not going to taste even half as good as sliced cheese.

Fry Mixture in Minimum Oil
The third step would be to add the cheese to the whisked eggs and then to whisk the mixture all over again. Once the mixture has become entirely smooth, you should add a bit of salt to it. Avoid putting in more than half a spoon of salt or else the eggs cannot be eaten.

The final step would be to fry this mixture in a pan of oil. The oil should have been heated over one or two minutes before releasing the mixture into it.



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