Pasta Bolognese

There are some many different pasta Bolognese recipes, that you simply cannot decide which one is right. Of course, a lot of them are not original, Italian recipes, but we are pretty sure that even those non-original ones will be good enough for most of us.

If you are preparing this for 4 people, you need:

300 grams of minced meat ( you can choose either pork or beef or mixed combination )

1,5 liters of tomato sauce ( you can use typical tomato sauce, or if you want to you can buy the ones where you have small slices of tomato )

3 medium sized carrots

one onion ( use a larger one, or two smaller )

500 grams of spaghetti

50 grams of parmesan

A little bit of oregano, and, of course, use salt and pepper the way you like it

First chop the onion, and put it in a pot, where you've previously added two table spoons of oil, and fry it for seven or eight minutes

Then chop carrots, make sure you get smaller slices of it, because carrots are pretty hard to fry, so before adding mince meat, put them in the pot, along with onion, for 7-8 minutes.

Then add minced meet, and mix it with onion, and fry it until your meat is roasted enough.

After you did it, add the tomato sauce, along with oregano, and mix it until the sauce is little bit thickened. ( approximately it will be around 10-15 minutes )

Since you are done with the sauce, boil spaghetti, until they are cooked. When you serve them, put first spaghetti, then sauce and in the end parmesan on each plate.




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