Quick Scrambled Eggs with Dill & Bacon

Here’s an extremely easy scrambled eggs recipe with dill and bacon that you can make for your family. All the ingredients can be easily find in your kitchen!

Eggs: 6
Garlic powder: 2 tsps.
Mayonnaise: 1 ½ tsps.
Bell pepper: 1 (chopped)
Cream: 1 ½ tsps.
Onion: 1 (chopped)
Bacon: crumbled
Dried Dill: 1 tsp. 
Oil: 2 tbsps

•    In a large bowl, add cream and mayonnaise and mix until it smoothens out. 
•    Add eggs to the mayonnaise mixture and beat it. Add dill and garlic powder to it.
•    In a pan, add 2 tbsps. Oil and add chopped onion and bell peppers to it. Add bacon crumbles to it once onion and peppers are tender. 
•    Pour the egg mixture to the pan and let it cook.
•    Serve hot.
This is a very quick recipe and will take 10 minutes to cook, including preparation time. So go ahead and try out this scrambled egg recipe for your breakfast.


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