It is common for you to experience pain once you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Headache and backache pains are just some of the pain that you will have if you have MS, most of them are known to gradually reduce one’s mobility as well increasing fatigue. That said there are ways in which you can be able to deal with pain and in this article I will be sharing with you how to deal with your multiple sclerosis pain.

Medication: Making a decision
Medication is crucial when dealing with your MS pain. You should always have in mind that pain MS pain is not the same as the regular pain that you are by now used to, MS pain are usually neuropathic pain and are usually related to inflammation of one’s nerve ending. Make sure that you get to visit your doctor or a qualified MS doctor as to subscribe for you medication that will help in reducing your MS pain problems. One drug which is known to reduce pain on people who have MS is Gabapentin.

Also ensure that you take the medication given by your doctor as instructed, avoid taking the medicines only when you start feeling or experiencing pain as these will render the drugs that you are taking useless. Once you managed to stick to the doctor’s prescription, you should start experiencing less pain as time goes.

Pain Triggers to Avoid
There are some specific triggers known to make pain return, for instance over doing your medication. Actions such as lying down when one is in pain are also known to increase the chances of pain recurring. Lastly stress is also known to bring with it pain for people with MS so avoiding stress can help in reducing MS pain.



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