The question that is usually on the mind of many people who have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is the reason as to why there mood changes quickly from calm and easy to being impatient and having stress. Many people have gone as far as questioning whether fatigue could be the reason as to why there are constantly having mood swings. In this article will be answering your question as to what really brings about moods wings when one has MS.

In MS mood swings are very common. Mood swings may arise as part of one’s emotional reaction to MS or even anxiety and depression. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) originally affects one’s emotional control centers of the brain as a result mood swings tend to come as they want making the process of determining where they come from very hard. Fatigue has a very big role to play when it comes to mood swings in MS, thus your day’s mood during the day can be due to fatigue.

There are specific triggers which are associated with mood changes. Negative Automatic Thought (NAT) is the without a doubt the common and well known trigger of mood changes. NAT usually happen so fast that we tend not to notice anything. That said patients can undergo Cognitive therapy so as for them to be able to identify their thoughts as well as how these thoughts influence their feeling as well as their behavior.

Having in place a mood diary can help you identify your mood triggers. This diary can be used to record the time of day your mood changed and what thoughts were running through your mind at that time.



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