The main cause of multiple sclerosis is still yet to be known that said, scientific evidence over the past couple of years have provided insights on what really causes multiple sclerosis by focusing on three main theories. In this article we will be focusing on these three theories.

The Immune System
When it comes to multiple sclerosis, our immune systems tend to play a very big role in that it attacks the myelin. That said researchers are yet to figure out if our bodies tend to do this naturally or are usually brought about by other factors.
The Environment and Nutrition

Cases of multiple sclerosis in people who are living near equators is usually low as compared to other parts. According to some, our bodies tend to make more vitamin D, an increase in the amount of vitamin D in our bodies tend to lower the chances of one having multiple sclerosis. According to researchers in Florida, incidence of multiple sclerosis in North Dakota, America tends to be twice as much as that Florida. Researchers are also looking at the relationship that exists between diets that tend to be high in saturated fat or ones that are low in fish oils and the disease.

In an event that incidence of multiple sclerosis are recorded among primary family members then there is a high possibility that genetics is playing a major role. Despite the fact that the risk of one developing multiple sclerosis is about 0.15 % among the general population, it is usually high in an event that one of your primary family members (brothers, sisters, mothers or even fathers) has it.



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